Samsung connects screen to semi-truck to display the road ahead

Moving trapped driving a slow, stinky semi-truck is not a fun, but big automobiles are usually too much to pass through on a narrow two-lane road. But Samsung simply developed a tremendously smart way to this issue.

The Argentinian arm of the South Korean tech monster is revealing exactly what it calls a Safety Truck, a semi truck with a wireless camera attached to the top, showing the road ahead on a screen imposed on the rear of the truck. The move is an element of an energy to decrease head-on crashes from driving.

The front-mounted video camera broadcasts its signal to 4 screens on the rear of the truck

The front-mounted video camera broadcasts its signal to four monitors on the back of the truck to provide drivers behind the truck a ideal view ahead. And making moving improve, Samsung says that this would allow drivers see any hurdles in the road ahead, stopping the need for unexpected emergency braking.

Samsung stated the truck used for testing isn't currently functional any more, however it is using government and non-government safety companies to build the tech further.

It appears as though it would work nicely on two-lane roads, but it wouldn't really have a lot use on multi-lane highways. The screen can also turn out to be an interruption, and image quality issues might be a worry besides.

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