World's First 3D HOLOGRAPHIC Smartphone

Announcing the world's first 3D holographic smartphone, the Estar Takee 1. While there are a lot of cool smartphones on the market, there are none as incredible as this. It's like your regular phone... but in another dimension.

Hands-Free Driving

This one mechanism, that the Cruise RP-1, can be attached to the vehicle, and is promoted as an auto-pilot tool for the road. So it's not exactly a self-driving car, but it is definitely making waves in the automobile industry. The Cruise RP-1 will be one of the first of its kind of develop a leading step towards hands-free driving.

As soon as the Cruise RP-1 is safely set up in the car, the driver will only need to press the Cruise button to launch the hands-free driving experience. The driver won't need to touch the steering wheel or foot pedals while Cruise is engaged, since the system will ensure the car stays in its path and keeps a safe distance off their cars. It's like an individual chauffeur on a long car journey.

Apple iPhone 6 leaked

Apple iPhone 6 parts leaked a blue SIM trayWith Apple coming with tons of new products this year, the Apple user’s community is abuzz with exhilaration.

But what they are especially excited about is the introduction of the iPhone 6 – Apple’s flagship product, rumored to show up with a 5.5 inch display and to be a phablet.

iPhone 6 is also supposed to come out with a “scratchproof” sapphire display and is envisioned to launch sometime in the month of September, around the time apple also launches its Yosemite X OS and the new 11 and 13 inch macs.

The three the different parts of the iPhone that have leaked are : flex cables for the power button, flex cables for the volume and mute control keys as well as the SIM trays.

Leaked 'Windows 9' screenshots Show start menu and windowed apps

Myce got 2 latest Windows Threshold screenshots, one reveals the new start menu, the other shows the windowed apps.
The develop pictured within the screenshots, build 9795, was created on July 13th and belongs to the uip_dev function build lab (FBL). UIP signifies Graphical User Interface.
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Reskin gaming is going cheap?

Now a days every one is coming into gaming industry and started reskining games.
today i found on great game and its source code for sale and in cheap rates. the game is similar to candy crush.

See actual post on his blog here

Game package includes:

  • candy crush like level selector.
  • 47 game levels easy to hard
  • In-app-purchase, Buy moves and skip levels.
  • Facebook score share open graph API.
  • Ngui
  • Mad level manager
  • Cartoon FX pack
  • and more...
  • Also with game fanpage its bonus :)

On Average, Each Individual Player Is Spending Around $2.84 In Candy Crush Saga Each Day. 

Candy Crush Saga Earns A Record-Breaking $633,000Each Day.

The game is only available at Facebook.



Thats all!

For any other details comment here or contact me.

10 Small Vertical Windmill Collection

We found some cool collection of vertical windmill model to get some inspirations we are really happy to show you these model, The designs are made by Joel Doswell,

what he said :
A series of vertical windmill designs I was playing around with. Most were designed to press fit onto the motor from an old CD/DVD drive except the three vaned helix. The four vaned helix model also uses the full extents of my printers build surface, scaling may be needed to print on your machine.

Small Vertical Windmill Collection

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Small Vertical Windmill Collection

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Avoided poor Internet connection a quick simple Fix

The problem:
As you might know, when your device says "Poor connection" the connection is not really poor, it's all about Android messing it up. This can be solved by clearing the contents where Android stores DHCP information, for some reason that data is causing the problem. This information is nothing but lease and pid stuff. As the lease is not human-readable (at lease I don't get it!) I can't tell what exactly wrong that's going on there. But clearing that helps.

The solution:
The solution that I built simply automates turning WiFi Off, clearing DCHP information, and then turning WiFi back On. Simple yet perfect solution! :)

Six things you need to know about the Super Bowl Halftime Show

For tens of millions of people, Super Bowl Sunday has little to do with the teams who are actually playing. It's all about the ads and the halftime show, friends.
Read this while those guys in pads are running around knocking into each other on the field.

1. Your lead performer: Bruno Mars. If you don't know who Mars is, you might need to get out a bit more. The 28-year-old crooner has been owning the airwaves and downloads for most of the last few years with smooth, listener-friendly tracks that get the ladies swooning. Why Mars? Well, the NFL had run through all the viable Middle-Aged White Classic Rockers (Springsteen, McCartney, The Who, the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, etc.) and is now seeking "crossover" acts (Beyonce, The Black-Eyed Peas) that can keep an audience far beyond football hardcores attached to the TV at least through halftime. Mars sits in the center of the Venn Diagram of "popular," "easy on the eyes," and "safe for mass exposure."
2. Your backing band: Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is a bit of a surprise, given that the Chili Peppers have a reputation as one of the most hellraising, lock-up-your-daughters, party-till-dawn-or-arrested bands in rock history. But they cemented that reputation a long time ago; the band formed two years before Mars was born, and released their landmark album BloodSugarSexMagik when Mars was six years old. They're not exactly old men now, but they know how to play the game and keep their clothes on. (More on that later.)
3. Bruno Mars isn't being paid a dime. The NFL doesn't pay halftime show performers, although it does pick up the tab for expenses (stage, travel, accommodations, etc.) Why not? Exposure, baby. Bruno will be onstage for about 12 minutes. Considering that advertisers are paying $4 million for a 30-second spot, well ... you can do the math, right? The NFL figures that $96 million in publicity isn't a bad substitute for payment.
4. How long will the halftime show last? Normal NFL halftimes are 12 minutes. But the Super Bowl is roughly a half hour to allow for time to construct and deconstruct the stage, and also to allow the Fox Sports gang to bloviate on What This All Means For Peyton Manning's Legacy. We'd rather watch the construction.
5. The first celebrity performer to lead a halftime show was ... Early on, Super Bowl halftime shows were pretty much like high school halftime shows...full story here!

source [blogs nfl]

WATCH LIVE: Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 2014

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X will air this Sunday right before that big football game everyone’s been talking about.

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

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