Apple Just Met With The Most Profitable One-fourth Of Any Company Ever Before

most profitable companies

Apple possessed a great one-fourth.

And also by “pretty good,” I am talking about it had been the greatest quarter of all time. And not simply for Apple. For almost any company. Ever.

This site graphs the past record holders. Until these days, Russia’s Gazprom (the biggest natural gas extractor on earth) held the record at $16.2 billion within a quarter.

Apple now supports the record: $18.04 billion in income, fiscal Q1 of 2015.
Completely. Outrageous.

For resource, it means Apple creates about $8.3 million dollars each hour in profit (24 hours a day).

For the existing Top 20 record most profitable companies keeping earners, 15 are Oil/Gas suppliers — mainly ExxonMobil and Shell. Others five are all Apple, over assorted quarters.

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