Reskin gaming is going cheap?

Now a days every one is coming into gaming industry and started reskining games.
today i found on great game and its source code for sale and in cheap rates. the game is similar to candy crush.

See actual post on his blog here

Game package includes:

  • candy crush like level selector.
  • 47 game levels easy to hard
  • In-app-purchase, Buy moves and skip levels.
  • Facebook score share open graph API.
  • Ngui
  • Mad level manager
  • Cartoon FX pack
  • and more...
  • Also with game fanpage its bonus :)

On Average, Each Individual Player Is Spending Around $2.84 In Candy Crush Saga Each Day. 

Candy Crush Saga Earns A Record-Breaking $633,000Each Day.

The game is only available at Facebook.



Thats all!

For any other details comment here or contact me.


About Nabeel Saleem

Working in a company called ibnesinstudios, as a game level designer, love to make and play games! :)
Also running a Virtual Reality Blog!

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