After 17 Years Nokia Is Re-Launching The 3310, World’s Most Popular Phone

Around 2000, Nokia has introduced the 3310, a cell phone that changed the entire mobile phone industry. And today, 17 years later on, they are re-launching it!
Based on the leak by Evan Blass, you will be charged €59 (around $62) and will also be disclosed among Nokia’s new smartphones throughout the Mobile World Congress on February 26th. It continues to be noticed whether we will get the very same phone or it’s likely to feature newer and more effective functionality.

The company’s famous phone became user preferred and an internet meme for its ruggedness as well as apparently infinite battery life. However when other manufacturers gone to live in touchscreens, Nokia’s struggle has begun. Ideally, Nokia 3310 will finish it once again. (h/t: demilked)


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