Facebook apologises, says removal of Hamza Ali Abbasi status was mistake

hamza ali abbasi facebook page suspended

CEO and Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg on Monday state his social network's removal of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi's status regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack and freedom of expression may have been a mistake.

When Facebook user, Angelic Munni, asked about why the post was deleted, Mark Zuckerberg said:

“I don’t think this should have been blocked. Our team might have made a mistake. Justin, can you look into this?”

Hamza spoke to Dawn about the incident. Here is what he said on finding out his account had been blocked:

“I had been trying to log into my Facebook for a couple of hours and it wasn’t accepting the password. I genuinely thought it had been hacked but then I got an email from Facebook saying that my account had been temporarily blocked and my status had been deleted and this was the first of three warnings. That really made me angry so I took the screen grab and posted it as soon as I had access to my account.”


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