Apple iPhone 6 leaked

Apple iPhone 6 parts leaked a blue SIM trayWith Apple coming with tons of new products this year, the Apple user’s community is abuzz with exhilaration.

Apple iPhone 6 leaked 

But what they are especially excited about is the introduction of the iPhone 6 – Apple’s flagship product, rumored to show up with a 5.5 inch display and to be a phablet.

iPhone 6 is also supposed to come out with a “scratchproof” sapphire display and is envisioned to launch sometime in the month of September, around the time apple also launches its Yosemite X OS and the new 11 and 13 inch macs.

The three the different parts of the iPhone that have leaked are : flex cables for the power button, flex cables for the volume and mute control keys as well as the SIM trays.


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