Google Reader will not be available after July 1, 2013

Discontinued on july 1, 2013

“Google Reader is not going to be accessible soon after July 1, 2013″, read the popup message on top of Google Subscriber this excellent morn. It is impossible to disregard. Its ideal indeed there, in the center of the screen, ensuring you, the fast owner, know that Google is sunsetting Visitor in 3 months.

Google launched Reader in 2005. It was initially component of Google Labs and quick changed since then. Brand new features slowly and gradually created their way to the system as well as the UI prevented rate with Google’s overall appearance. But it s continue to regarding the same product today it had been 8 years back.

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For Web addicts and bloggers as well, Reader is distinctive. Leveraging the ability of RSS, Subscriber effortlessly pulled content from countless sites, curating a customized see of the Web that syncs stuck between devices. Stuck between my personal and business accounts, I track 1,436 sites, that are nicely organized directly into appropriate folders. Its a lovely experience which evolves a a little bit more each day. Google doesn’t care and attention about Subscriber. Its a stress at best and also a site kitchen sink at worst. Since Dave Winer mentioned, “Next time, kindly pay out a fair price tag for the professional services you depend upon.” RSS is a computationally expensive process and exiting Subscriber to rot wasn’t assisting any person.

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