How It'll Feel to Wear Google Glass

What can it feel like to wear Google Glass? Google answered which very question this early morning, sharing a great deal more information regarding Show Glass, including the user interface, via a series of photos and also online videos.

                                      check it out! Project Glass 

You may see the UI and also a few of the features of Glass inside the gallery, even though the couple don't very capture the exact experience. The headset doesn't actually have lenses in front of your eyes, merely a small screen (viewable via a mirrored glass block) above and to suitable of the wearer's correct eyes. Because such, the point-of-view images which program a big action window within the centre of the area of view are a little misleading.

Continue to, the pictures, posted upon Google's Stick out Glass web site, tv series more information on just how Glass works than any photo of the hardware can convey. The video (below) shows even more: Commanding the headset is as easy as uttering the words "OK, Glass," a clever use of real-world speech to engage the device's paying attention mode.


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