'Game of Thrones' Game Now Open For Facebook Fans

Titled Game of Thrones Ascent, the game can debut Thursday (as in now, you think) on top of Facebook. In it, fans of the TV show and additionally the guides can play the character of nobles in provider to just one of the great families of the show.

GameOfThronesAscent on facebook

Facebook close friends can join forces to help complete tasks or perhaps the couple can just compete for the riches and standing that ll help sway the small fortune and destiny of the Seven Kingdoms.

This really is all of the good and also fine but the task that encounters Disruptor Ray Inc. (a little Boston game development home which built the game) will be to discover some kind of readers because Facebook has got recorded not development within the gaming revenues during the course of the 4th quarter of 2012.

The major Facebook gaming business, Zynga Inc. which owns FarmVille and Phrase With Buddies has reported to have forgotten a whopping $209 million last 12 months.


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