Sony stops making PlayStation 2

Sony has finished Japanese manufacturing of it is best-selling PlayStation 2 (PS2).

The hardware initial started sale in March 2000 in Japan and also since then even more than 150 million PS2 consoles have been sold.
The PS2 was so popular so it outsold its substitution for the initial 3 working years which the PlayStation 3 was actually available.
By ending manufacturing, Sony has fuelled rumours it is putting production resources toward the PlayStation 4.

Although Sony is ending production in Japan this excellent does not always mean virtually no even more games are going to be developed for the PS2.
For example, an additional instalment of the Final Fantasy show, called Seekers of Adoulin, is due to feel revealed in March 2013. In total, regarding 11,000 games are believed to have been produced for the gadget over its 12-year lifespan.

Japanese gaming and additionally entertainment internet site Famitsu recorded which Sony has got told the nation's sites so it could not provide anymore PS2s for sales in shops. Once existing stock is sold not more can be forthcoming.
Sony possess yet to say whether it could stop manufacturing for any other territories too.
The PS2 is acknowledged with being the best-selling game console of all time as well as its in width use is additionally thought to have aided the recognition of DVDs as a drive for the disks was actually built in to the machine.
Despite rumours which Sony is going to make announcements regarding the PS4 in mid-2013, the firm possess not bearing in mind any formal information of the specifications of the hardware neither whenever it could be introduced.


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