Facebook Timeline Change: It's Hot , It's Starting

Remember the Facebook Timeline changes some users started to see in December? Those which include a row of fresh options during the top of the page, below the mental picture, along with the banishment of "Maps" and also thumbnail pictures?

Fine, the changes seem to be moving away for each of the Facebook users in Brand new Zealand, in which it's undoubtedly Wednesday. Plus they consist of a surprising new "Collections Manager" feature which enables you to customize really that content at just the top of the Schedule, since well as the option to rearrange the right-hand column.

The timing makes sense: Facebook has a tendency to roll away changes to its service for a Wednesday. That indicates the remainder of Facebook's billion users will start seeing the change of the day continues around the globe. (Facebook won't confirm or withhold anything beyond this excellent statement: "you are constantly testing.")
                                              Here's what the new layout looks like:

Response to the brand new style was actually mixed, with many New Zealanders suggesting Facebook was actually repairing a problem which did not can be found. "It seems a a kind of unwanted change," had written Keren Phillips in Auckland. "It feels a whole lot even more such as past times Facebook ... even more Wall when compared to Schedule."

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