Facebook introduces 'Graph Search'

Facebook has announced a new search tool upon its social networking web site known as Graph Search.
Graph Search has been introduced to render looking content on top of Facebook much easier and much more useful. The information eventually puts to bed the rumour and media hype environment a possibility Facebook top quality smartphone or tablet.
Facebook said: "Whenever Facebook first established, the main way a large number of individuals used the site had been to browse around, understand about people and additionally make brand new relationships. Graph Search takes you rear end to our roots and also allows people to use the graph to make new connections."
Many are declaring the move puts Facebook in direct competition with Google as well as its popular web directory however the personal networking website stated Graph Bing search is 'really different' to web bing search. Graph Search could add together a phrase such as "my friends in London who such as Coldplay" to homecoming results of these people, places, pictures or other related content upon Facebook.
However, users can also conduct an internet google search from in Facebook making use of Microsoft's Bing engine. The fast said: "when people want to Google beyond Facebook, they see internet bing search results from Bing with personal context and additionally additional information for example Facebook pages."

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