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With the GTA 5 release go out arriving in the Spring of 2013, the Rockstar Games company has got been received sufficient important questions from owners of PC and additionally Nintendo Wii game systems regarding the reasons why the game hasn't been launched for those networks. Recently, the business talked regarding "Grand Theft Vehicle V" and its availability for people systems also as next demographic consoles for example Xbox 720 or Playstation 4.
A report from upon Monday, November nineteen, Rockstar VP Dan Houser talked to IGN regarding the reasons why the new GTA game is merely accessible for the PS3 and Xbox 360, to date. Houser possess mentioned which simultaneously a PC and also Wii version can be considered. To back which upwards, House said of Rockstar's business:
"The primary thing is we are not... you are a third-party publisher. We're not Nintendo, we're not Sony, we are not Microsoft. You love all of the them in several methods. But you can do everything we want wherever there's the right company opportunity and opportunity to find a marketplace. If that's on Apple you place anything on Apple. Anywhere it could possibly be."
When quizzed about why the GTA 5 game won't be available for any following demographic consoles, Houser basically noted which the game has a lot available for the current generation of systems, saying:
"Some other individuals speak about the limits of the [current] hardware. We don't feel indeed there are which numerous restrictions. You feel we can do some very impressive stuff and additionally do so for a big readers. This felt like the way... There'll be a lot larger audience on top of PS3 when compared to there appears to be on top of PS4."
Because on this report there has got not been any announcement by Sony or Microsoft regarding whenever their next generation game consoles could even feel available. With Nintendo releasing its new Wii U system this present year, it's a possibility one, or both, of the companies can announce anything to rival it in 2013, or perhaps 2014 at the current. Since for "Grand Theft Automotive V," fans is able to go with which upwards sometime within the Spring of 2013, perhaps by end of March, or perhaps in April.

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