5 Tips to Increase Brain Power

1. Solve Puzzles, Play Games
Playing a game of Sudoku or attempting to solve a difficult crossword sets your brain cells in action. Doctors often advise people who report focus problems to play a video game for few minutes everyday to boost brain’s ability to focus on one thing at a time.
2. Consume Almonds and Other Brain Food
Some food items help in improving brain power. Almonds does it, I know. Many other do as well. Research and find them out. Then? Eat them, obviously.
3. Meditate
Meditation is easier said than done.  But if you could include it in your daily routine and practice it diligently, it would go a long way in giving you a better memory and – overall – a better brain.
4. Imagine…
…positive situations and outcomes. That’s what Napolean Hill said in Think and Grow Rich isn’t it. Imagining good things and filling your brain with positive thoughts has to have a good effect on the brain itself.
5. Follow a Sleep and Wake up Routine
One day you are night owl and other day, you wake up at 5. This randomness of your sleep pattern is neither good for your body nor for your brain. Sleep sound, wake up fresh and try to stick to a routine (at least on weekdays ).
What else do you recommend to boost brain power?


About Nabeel Saleem

Working in a company called ibnesinstudios, as a game level designer, love to make and play games! :)
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