20 Worst Passwords [LATEST]

Lock Professional tip: choosing "password" since your online security is not a good idea. In truth, except if you're hoping to be some sort of easy objective for hackers, it's the most harmful security you could perhaps select.
"Password" ranking very first on security management application company SplashData's annual variety of most harmful web passwords, that are ordered by just how common they happen to be. ("Passw0rd," with a numeral zero, isn't much smarter, positioning 18th on top of the list.)
The list is slightly predictable: Sequences of neighboring numbers or perhaps letters with the keyboard, for example "qwerty" and also "123456," and popular names, for example "ashley" and additionally "michael," all are typical alternatives. Various other common choices, such as "monkey" and additionally "shadow," are harder to explain

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Here is the complete list:

  • 2. 123456
  • 3.12345678
  • 4. qwerty
  • 5. abc123
  • 6. monkey
  • 7. 1234567
  • 8. letmein
  • 9. trustno1
  • 10. dragon
  • 11. baseball
  • 12. 111111
  • 13. iloveyou
  • 14. master
  • 15. sunshine
  • 16. ashley
  • 17. bailey
  • 18. passw0rd
  • 19. shadow


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