Using Two or Multiple Whatsapp on one Phone [Without Root]


Using Two or Multiple Whatsapp


Two WhatsApp Account [NO ROOT]

Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts: Today I am going to explain to you how will you install 2 whatsapp accounts in single android Phone and run 2 whatsapp accounts. Whatsapp tricks tend to be popular nowadays, one of these is Dual Whatsapp account currently I am just completely confident you have attempted many ways of install 2 whatsapp and you didn’t got success yet, Don’t panic, using this tutorial you will able to run multiple whatsapp accounts in 1 android phone. in recent times also trending whatsapp for two sim phones. Therefore I checked a lot about installing dual/multiple whatsapp accounts in same android phone and ultimately now I managed to get an answer for this.

#1 Method
Steps To Install 2 WhatsApp Account in single Android Phone (Two Whatsapp) (Without Root)

First Download Whatsmapp app from here Download GB Whatsapp

Alternate links:

  •    Now simply Install Whatsmapp  app inside Phone that you simply have downloaded from earlier Step.
  •    Instantly after Install WhatsMapp  app Open It, & Enter your Mobile Number there, you want to utilize as second whatsapp account. (First one you're currently using in original Whatsapp)
  •    After that, it's going to send otp code into your Mobile Phone, & it will automatically confirm it in some seconds like normal whatsapp, you don't need to be worried about it.
  •    Now after successfully verification, you're running 2 whatsapp accounts in your one android smartphone. So check out this process will truly do the job if you desires to use 2 Whatsapp accounts in one android phone.

Now you have two whatsapp apps in your phone

Enjoy :)


METHOD 2: Need Root
USE (Parallel Space-Multi Accounts) App TO RUN MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS

Parallel Space-Multi Accountsis actually Android app that enables you to have two separate WhatsApp accounts in one Android device, but this app needs your Android smart device be rooted.

Present, This Is the deal:

Parallel Space-Multi Accountsis app allows you to sign in and out of multiple user places nonetheless it requires root access to do this. However, users can't reach the other account using their existing account simply because each account inside the multiple profiles has its settings, applications, and data.

Follow these easy steps to go:

Step 1: Root your Android device. using this app

Step 2: Be sure that you have WhatsApp app installed on your mobile.

Step 3: Install Parallel Space-Multi Accountsis in your smartphone.

Step 4: Run Parallel Space-Multi Accountsis, it will probably ask for Superuser request that you must grant.

Step 5: Now create a user profile using your name in Parallel Space-Multi Accountsis app. This profile is going to be an administrator account that contain all the current apps and settings, and also will show your WhatsApp profile that is already installed on your smartphone.

Step 6: Now create another profile using a different name by touching on the Create Profile button in Parallel Space-Multi Accountsis app, and then select the Switch option by choosing this particular account.

Step 7: Now the smartphone will reboot instantly and once it is able to use, install official WhatsApp once again from Google Play Store and register it for the another phone number. That's it.
Enjoy :)

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  1. Great job! Thanks!
    Tried other 6 tutorials which didn't work before i found yours :)

  2. Nice and informative post , But I am Thank Full to The Who let us to learn a How to use Multi Whatsapp account On Single device without rooting your android.